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About Us

About School

Dr. RadhaKrishnan School of Learning Bonga, Hazaribagh, is a dream project of the members of ’Santripti Educational & Welfare Trust’. With the support of eminent educationalists and luminaries’ of India and abroad, the trust members felt the need of opening a school of high standard at this Uttarichhota Nagpur Commissionary headquarter. This school will run under the close supervision of the principal and the School Managing Committee, envisaged to provide a well-furnished campus for the students for their all-round development– in body, mind and soul. The entire objective of the school is dedicated to a vision, the vision of developing complete human beings in the new millennium equipped with knowledge, discipline, faith, sacrifice and patriotism.

Core values

Humility. Literacy.. Wisdom… To accept and respect all individuals without any bias or prejudice, irrespective of differences in origin, religion, ethnicity or otherwise and create an inclusive learning community.

To help learners explore their potential to the fullest and help them to improve and grow, both academically and personally.

To provide a dynamic and broad spectrum learning environment that will foster critical thinking skills in students and help them to become life-long learners.

To create an awareness among the learners of their social responsibilities, and equip them with skills to adapt to the changing needs of a global environment.


Our motto - divyaṁ dadāmi te chakṣhuḥ paśhya me yogam aiśhwaram (Bhagvad Gita, chapter 11, verse 8) - I grant you divine vision.

Educate. Examine. Effect.

We are the school who will be ever committed to create a society of individuals who by the virtue of their education are constantly endeavouring to push the human race forward by leading a well examined life. Our vision is ever dynamic and is constantly aligning and acclimatizing to the ever changing needs of academia. We will be always willing to go the extra mile.

Mission Statement

The mission of Dr. Radhakrishnan school of learning is to foster a love of learning, to instill in students the habit of scientific inquiry, and motivate them to strive towards excellence in all spheres of individual and collective activity so that the nation constantly rises to higher levels of endeavour and achievement. Our students are encouraged to be humanistic so to acquire a sense of national responsibility, and to cultivate and uphold respect for cultural diversity.